Well designed Pre-Employment measures assist in employing the right person for the job.

This therefore positions you ahead of your competitors and allows you to enjoy lower staff turnover, which enhances productivity. We all know how frustrating it can be to terminate poor performing staff members. Pre-employment assessments allow you to have peace of mind that the shortlisted candidates are likely to fit in well with your organization from the word go, and any training invested will add value to your business

As an employer you are protected from hiring the wrong people. We check integrity, criminal record, credibility and skills before forwarding candidates, thus saving you thousands of Rands related to the cost of potential wrong employment. We protect your company from fraudulent claims made by job seekers as we verify employee’s qualifications, work history and criminal background as well as getting them to sign an indemnity form.

Information Verification

  • Credit Checks - any financial default and civil judgments registered
  • Criminal Records - positive or negative response in respect of past criminal convictions
  • Employment History - we will confirm periods employed, positions held etc.
  • Professional Association Memberships
  • Tertiary Academic - from registered educational institutions both locally and Qualifications internationally
  • Drivers License - code, date issued and endorsements
  • Matric - date issued and confirmation of results
  • Proof of Identity - positive proof of a person’s identity based on ID Number
  • Proof of Passport - positive proof of a person’s passport and work permit

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 Check Required  Check Type  Response Time
 Driver’s License  Code 08, 10, 14 with PDP   1-2 Business Days
 Criminal Record  

 Criminal detail check  2-4 Business Days
   Fingerprints (Illicit Activity Check)  2-4 Business Days
 Academic   Matric   4-6 Business Days
 Qualification   Tertiary Qualifications (Local)   4-6 Business Days
   International   4-6 Business Days
 Employment History 

 Previous Employment (SA)   2-4 Business Days
   International   2-4 Business Days
 Credit Checks    ITC Credit Checks  1-2 Business Days
 Rapid Personality Questionnaire   S-Referencing RPQ   1-2 Business Days
 Professional Association Memberships   Members Councils   1-2 Business Days
 Experian Credit Standing   Trade Enquiries, Previous recorded employers & last address on record   1-2 Business Days
 ID Verification   Name and ID Number   1-2 Business Days

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