Human Resources & Industrial
Relations Services Outsourcing

In providing an outsourced solution our objective is to help employers apply the Labour Law correctly in the workplace through sound labour relation solutions that work for both employers and employees. By implementing all the necessary codes and procedures we establish a foundation on which to build.

We understand that where employers apply the labour law correctly in the workplace and where an effective communication channel is established between employers, employees, shop stewards and trade unions, problems are solved quickly and efficiently. Workable solutions are found and thus a happier and more productive working environment is created.

Discipline is also managed and maintained more effectively in the workplace when employees are made aware of the company’s disciplinary code and procedure and the consequences should any of these rules be transgressed.

Statistics reflect that small to medium sized companies have a need for an HR & IR Administrator and Manager within their organizations; however, to employ someone full time in this position can be costly. Each company is unique and therefore we have adapted our services to client individual needs.

For your convenience we have detailed below description of the services we offer which will suit your company’s demanding work environment requirements.

Human Resources & Industrial
Relations Services Outsourcing


1. Drawing-up / Revising existing contracts

  • Fixed Term Contracts & Temporary Employment Contracts
  • Permanent Employment Contracts
  • Permanent Employment Contracts for Senior Positions
  • Domestic Contracts
  • Confidentiality/Restraint of Trade

2. Creating Employee Files & Keeping up to date

3. Processing Leave Forms

  • Sick Leave Forms
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Processing doctor’s notes and of compassionate leave e.g. Death certificates

4. Managing & Implementing Attendance Registers & Clocking times

5. Implementing & Maintaining

  • Disciplinary Codes & Procedures
  • Grievance Procedure / Processing Grievances
  • Company Rules & Policies
  • Absenteeism Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy
  • H.I.V. & AIDS Awareness Policy
  • Professional & Grooming Code of Conduct
  • Safety Procedures
  • I.O.D Procedures & Processing Documentation relating to I.O.D.

6. Employment Equity, Skills Development & Internal Training Programs

  • WSP - Workplace Skills Plan – Planning, Implementation & Reporting
  • Employment Equity Report – Completing of EEA2 form with Client Management & Monitoring & Reporting thereof
  • Internal Training programmes – Incorporating into WSP
  • Occupational Health & Safety

7. Registering Employer with:-

  • Sectorial Bargaining Councils (if required)
  • Dept of Labour
  • Compensation Commissioner

8. Application, Compliance of relevant Labour Legislations e.g. Main Agreements/ Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

9. Notices, Memo’s & Minutes

10. Job Grading

11. Key Performance Area's & Pre requisite Criteria - for all Job Grades within Organization

12. Performance Evaluation & Monitoring


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